Pure Nutrients

Our Pure Nutrient line will not only grow amazing cannabis, it will also save you huge dollars per cycle and give much better results than any water based line. Use what the big guys use! Pure is used by some of the largest and most talented professional cannabis growers in Canada. Pure nutrients is #professionalgrade

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Pure Rezolve

Finally! A cleaner for commercial cultivators that works on resins and sticky messes!

No more expensive or nasty chemicals required. Great on trimming equipment, glassware, tools and anywhere you have a hard to clean mess!

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Pure Stonewool

PURE® Stonewool blocks, slabs, and plugs offer cultivators, propagators, and commercial growers the opportunity to grow more while using less: less water, less nutrients, and less growing space! 

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Pure Canadian! EH?

We still think made in Canada matters. We are proud to have every Pure Product made right here at home, employing local people and supporting our Canadian growers...and economy!

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We are looking for sponsored growers

We are looking for partners to represent our brand. If you are interested in using Pure Nutrients, and you are active on social media apply here to get sponsored!