Grow Formula

We developed this GROW blend specifically for mother plants, young plants and for plants in the vegetative grow stage.

The higher Nitrogen content is readily available to the plants and salt build-up is kept to a minimum, requiring less flushing. This results in plants which grow faster, greener, and much more vigorous than ever before!

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Bloom Formula

We developed this BLOOM blend to provide the proper amount of specific critical elements for plants in the flowering stage. 

The higher Phosphorous and Potassium content helps promote heavy bud building. BLOOM results in plants which are stronger, healthier and yield much more than with competitor products!

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Cal-Mag Kick

We developed this CAL-MAG blend to provide the extra Calcium and Magnesium the plant needs during the growing and flowering phase. Feed occasionally with CAL-MAG to help strengthen the plants and eliminate any Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies which are common in cannabis. Use more often with reverse osmosis or soft water source.

CAL-MAG results in plants which are stronger and more resilient to pest & disease pressures

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Pure Canadian! EH?

We still think made in Canada matters. We are proud to have every bag of Pure nutrients blended and bagged right here at home, employing local people and supporting our Canadian growers...and economy! And we show our pride by embedding our flag on every single pail of Pure nutrients.

Grow Canada Grow!

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