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Pure GROW Formula 

Makes up to 10,000 litres of nutrient feed per pail. That equates to less than $0.02 per litre!

Pure is the nutrient choice of top growers. Manufactured with only the highest pure grade quality elements found on the planet, these professional cannabis nutrients have been developed by our agronomists specifically for your plants unique needs and are designed to maximize your yields. Every batch of Pure is 3rd party lab tested to be free of heavy metals and pesticides.

GROW (20-10-20) can be used in earth, coco, hydroponics and aeroponics with the same amazing results! Contains all the basic minerals and chelated micros in a super soluble and highly concentrated form. Does not contain Urea or any lower cost inputs.

We developed this GROW blend specifically for mother plants, young plants and for plants in the vegetative grow stage.

The higher Nitrogen content is readily available to the plants and salt build-up is kept to a minimum, requiring less flushing. This results in plants which grow faster, greener, and much more vigorous than ever before!


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